What is Electronics? | Importance of Electronics

What is Electronics

What is Electronics ?

Electronics: The branch of engineering science which deals with current conduction through a vacuum or gas or semiconductor called *electronics. Electronics essentially deals with electronic devices and their utilization. A device is that during which current flows through a vacuum or gas or semiconductor. Such devices have valuable properties that enable them to function and behave because of the friend of man today.

Importance. Electronics has gained much importance thanks to its numerous applications in industry. The electronic devices are capable of performing the subsequent functions :

(i) Rectification.

The conversion of a.c. into d.c. is named rectification. Electronic devices can convert a.c. power into d.c. power (See Fig. 1.1) with very high efficiency. This d.c. supply is often used for charging storage batteries, field supply of d.c. generators, electroplating, etc


(ii) Amplification.

the method of raising the strength of a weak signal is called amplification. Electronic devices can accomplish the work of amplification and thus act as amplifiers (See Fig. 1.2). The amplifiers are utilized in a good sort of way. for instance, an amplifier is employed during a radio set where the weak signal is amplified in order that it are often heard loudly. Similarly, amplifiers are utilized in public address systems, television, etc.


(iii) Control.

Electronic devices find wide applications in automatic control. for instance, the speed of a motor, the voltage across a refrigerator, etc. is often automatically controlled with the assistance of such devices.

(iv) Generation.

Electronic devices can convert d.c. power into a.c. power of any frequency (See Fig. 1.3). When performing this function, they’re referred to as oscillators. The oscillators are used in a good sort of way. for instance, electronic high-frequency heating is employed for annealing and hardening

Electronic Generation

(v) Conversion of sunshine into electricity.

Electronic devices can convert light into electricity. This conversion of sunshine into electricity is understood as photo-electricity. Photo-electric devices are utilized in Burglar alarms, audio recording on motion pictures, etc.

(vi) Conversion of electricity into light.

Electronic devices can convert electricity into light. This valuable property is utilized in television and radar

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Reference : Principles Of Electronics Multicolor Illustrative Edition By V K Mehta And Rohit Mehta

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