Question Of Electronic Communication

Question Of Electronic Communication In what century did electronic communication begin? Name the four main elements of a communication system, and draw a diagram that shows their relationship. List five types of media used for communication, and state which three are the most commonly used. Name the device used to convert an information signal to … Read more

What is Single Stage Transistor Amplifier | Phase Reversal

Introduction of Single Stage Transistor Amplifier it was discussed that a properly biased transistor raises the strength of a weak signal and thus acts as an amplifier. Almost all electronic equipment must include means for amplifying electrical signals. For instance, radio receivers amplify very weak signals—sometimes a few millionths of a volt at antenna–until they … Read more

Voltage Divider Bias Method | Examples of voltage divider Biasing

What Is Voltage Divider Bias Method Voltage Divider Bias is the most widely used method of providing biasing and stabilization to a transistor. In this method, two resistances R1 and R2 are connected across the supply voltage VCC (See Fig. 9.24) and provide biasing. The emitter resistance RE provides stabilization. The name ‘‘voltage divider’’ comes … Read more

What is Transistor | Transistor Definition | Complete Working of Transistor

What is Transistor ? When a third doped element is added to a crystal diode in such a way that two pn junctions are formed, the resulting device is known as a transistor. The transistor—an entirely new type of electronic device—is capable of achieving amplification of weak signals in a fashion comparable and often superior … Read more

What is Semiconductor | Effect of Temperature on Semiconductors

INTRODUCTION TO SEMICONDUCTOR Semiconductor:- Materials such as germanium, silicon, carbon, etc. are not good conductors like copper nor insulators like glass. In other words, the resistivity of these substances lies in between conductors and insulators. Such materials are known as semiconductors. Semiconductors have some useful characteristics and are being extensively used in electronics devices. For … Read more