Tuned Circuits | Reactive Components

What Is Tunned Circuits? Virtually all communication equipment contains tuned circuits, circuits made up of inductors and capacitors that resonate at specific frequencies. In this section, you will review how to calculate the reactance, resonant frequency, impedance, Q, and bandwidth of series and parallel resonance circuits. Reactive Components All tuned circuits and many filters are … Read more

Base Resistor Biasing | Methods of Transistor Biasing

What Are Methods Of Transistor Biasing? In the transistor amplifier circuits drawn so far biasing was done with the aid of a battery VBB which was separate from the battery VCC used in the output circuit. However, in the interest of simplicity and economy, it is desirable that transistor circuit should have a single source … Read more

Transistor Biasing | Faithful Amplification

Introduction Of Transistor Biasing The basic function of transistor is to do amplification. The weak signal is given to the base of thetransistor and amplified output is obtained in the collector circuit. One important requirement during amplification is that only the magnitude of the signal should increase and there should be no change in signal … Read more

What is LED (Light Emitting Diode) | LED Voltage and Current

What is LED ? A light-emitting diode (LED) is a diode that gives off visible light when forward biased. Light-emitting diodes are not made from silicon or germanium but are made by using elements like gallium, phosphorus, and arsenic. By varying the quantities of these elements, it is possible to produce light of different wavelengths … Read more

Mcqs of diode | diode Review Topics | Numericals of Diod

Mcqs of diode which is most important. Usually, these type of Mcqs of diode comes in screening tests not all of them but few from this post. these Mcqs of diode are prepared for the job seekers. A crystal diode has ……..(i) one pn junction(ii) two pn junctions(iii) three pn junctions(iv) none of the above … Read more

Mcqs of PN junction | Semiconductor

Mcqs of pn junction, silicon, and energy levels of the 4th chapter which is most important. Usually, these type of Mcqs of pn junction comes in job tests not all of them but 2 or 3 from this post. these Mcqs of pn junction are prepared for the job seekers. A semiconductor is formed by … Read more

Hole Current | Intrinsic & Extrinsic Semiconductor

What is Hole Current ? At Normal room temperature, few of the covalent bonds in pure semiconductor material break, setting up free electrons. Under the effect of the electric field, these free electrons constitute an electric current. At the same time, another current – the hole current – also flows in the semiconductor. When a … Read more

What is Semiconductor | Effect of Temperature on Semiconductors

INTRODUCTION Semiconductor:- Materials such as germanium, silicon, carbon, etc. are not good conductors like copper nor insulators like glass. In other words, the resistivity of these substances lies in between conductors and insulators. Such materials are known as semiconductors. Semiconductors have some useful characteristics and are being extensively used in electronics devices. For instance, a … Read more

MCQs of Thyratron | Gas filled tube

Mcqs of Thyratron and gas-filled tube of the 3rd chapter which are most important and usually this type of Mcqs of thyratron comes in job tests not all of them but 2 or 3 from this post. these Mcqs of thyratron are prepared for the learners who are now trying to get a job. A … Read more

Conversion of Voltage Source into constant Current Source

Constant Current Source A voltage source that has a very huge internal*impedance as compared with external load impedance or resistance is known as a constant current source. In that case, the load current approximately remains the same when the output voltage changes. Fig. 1.12 (i) illustrates a constant current source. It is a direct current … Read more