MidPoint Biasing | Miscellaneous Bias Circuits

What is Midpoint Biasing? MidPoint Biasing : When an amplifier circuit is so designed that operating point Q lies at the centre of d.c. load line, the amplifier is said to be midpoint biased. When the amplifier is mid-point biased, the Q-point provides values of IC and VCE that are one-half of their maximum possible … Read more

What Is Electronic Communication | Attenuation | Transceiver | Receiver

What Is Communication? Communication is the process of exchanging information. People communicate to convey their thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others. The process of communication is inherent to all human life and includes verbal, nonverbal (body language), print, and electronic processes. Two of the main barriers to human communication are language and distance. Language barriers … Read more

Cut off and Saturation Points | Power Rating of Transistor

What is Cut off and Saturation Points Fig. 8.49 (i) shows CE transistor circuit while Fig. 8.49 (ii) shows the output characteristcs along with the d.c. load line. (i) Cut off The point where the load line intersects the IB = 0 curve is known as cut off. At this point, IB = 0 and … Read more

Transistor Dc Load Line Analysis | Dc Load Line and Operating Point

Comparison of Transistor Connections The comparison of various characteristics of the three connections is given below in the tabularform. The following points are worth noting about transistor arrangements : Common Base Circuit The input resistance (ri) of CB circuit is low because IE is high. The output resistance (ro ) is high because of reverse … Read more

Mcqs of Special Diode | Review Topics | Questions of Special Diode

Mcqs of Special Diode which is most important. Usually, Mcqs of special diode comes in technical job tests not all of them but few from this post. these Mcqs of Special diode are prepared for the job seekers Mcqs of Special Diode Zener diodes are used primarily as(i) amplifiers (ii) voltage regulators(iii) rectifiers (iv) oscillators … Read more

What is Zener Diode | Voltage Stabilization | ON OFF conditions

Whats is Voltage Stabilisation A rectifier with an appropriate filter serves as a good source of d.c. output. However, the majordisadvantage of such a power supply is that the output voltage changes with the variations in the input voltage or load. Thus, if the input voltage increases, the d.c. output voltage of the rectifier also … Read more

Voltage Multiplier | Half Wave Voltage Doubler

What is Voltage Multiplier ? With a diode, we can build a rectifier to produce a d.c. voltage that is nearly equal to the peak valueof input a.c. voltage. We can also use diodes and capacitors to build a circuit that will provide a d.c output that is multiple of the peak input a.c. voltage. … Read more

Filter Circuit | Types of Filter Circuits

What is Filter Circuits ? Generally, a rectifier is required to produce pure d.c. supply for using at various places in the electronic circuits. However, the output of a rectifier has pulsating *character i.e. it contains a.c. and d.c. components. The a.c. component is undesirable and must be kept away from the load. To do … Read more

Cold Cathode Gas Diode | Applications of Glow Tubes

Cold-Cathode Gas Diode Fig. 3.6 shows the cut-away view of the cold-cathode gas diode. It essentially has two electrodes, anode, and cathode mounted fairly close to each other in an envelope filled with few inert gases at small pressure. The anode is in the shape of a thin wire whereas cathode is of the cylindrical … Read more

Gas Filled Tubes | Conduction in a Gas

INTRODUCTION OF GAS-FILLED TUBE In the vacuum tubes, the electrons pass from the cathode to anode in a vacuum. In that type of tubes, extreme care is taken to generate as perfect a vacuum as possible to prevent ionization of gases and the resulting large uncontrolled currents. It may be mentioned here that the logic … Read more