Transistor Dc Load Line Analysis | Dc Load Line and Operating Point

Comparison of Transistor Connections The comparison of various characteristics of the three connections is given below in the tabularform. The following points are worth noting about transistor arrangements : Common Base Circuit The input resistance (ri) of CB circuit is low because IE is high. The output resistance (ro ) is high because of reverse … Read more

Mcqs of Special Diode | Review Topics | Questions of Special Diode

Mcqs of Special Diode which is most important. Usually, Mcqs of special diode comes in technical job tests not all of them but few from this post. these Mcqs of Special diode are prepared for the job seekers Mcqs of Special Diode Zener diodes are used primarily as(i) amplifiers (ii) voltage regulators(iii) rectifiers (iv) oscillators … Read more

What is LED | Construction of LED | Advantages of LED

What is LED ? A light-emitting diode (LED) is a diode that gives off visible light when forward biased. Light-emitting diodes are not made from silicon or germanium but are made by using elements like gallium, phosphorus, and arsenic. By varying the quantities of these elements, it is possible to produce light of different wavelengths … Read more

Mcqs of diode | diode Review Topics | Numericals of Diod

Mcqs of diode which is most important. Usually, these type of Mcqs of diode comes in screening tests not all of them but few from this post. these Mcqs of diode are prepared for the job seekers. A crystal diode has ……..(i) one pn junction(ii) two pn junctions(iii) three pn junctions(iv) none of the above … Read more

What is Zener Diode | Voltage Stabilization | ON OFF conditions

Whats is Voltage Stabilisation A rectifier with an appropriate filter serves as a good source of d.c. output. However, the majordisadvantage of such a power supply is that the output voltage changes with the variations in the input voltage or load. Thus, if the input voltage increases, the d.c. output voltage of the rectifier also … Read more

Voltage Multiplier | Half Wave Voltage Doubler

What is Voltage Multiplier ? With a diode, we can build a rectifier to produce a d.c. voltage that is nearly equal to the peak valueof input a.c. voltage. We can also use diodes and capacitors to build a circuit that will provide a d.c output that is multiple of the peak input a.c. voltage. … Read more

Filter Circuit | Types of Filter Circuits

What is Filter Circuits ? Generally, a rectifier is required to produce pure d.c. supply for using at various places in the electronic circuits. However, the output of a rectifier has pulsating *character i.e. it contains a.c. and d.c. components. The a.c. component is undesirable and must be kept away from the load. To do … Read more

what is Semiconductor Diode | Properties of Diode

What is Semiconductor Diode It has already been discussed in the previous article that a pn junction conducts current easily when forward biased and practically no current flows when it is reverse biased. This unilateral conduction characteristic of pn junction (i.e. semiconductor diode) is similar to that of a vacuum diode. Therefore, like a vacuum … Read more

Mcqs of PN junction | Semiconductor

Mcqs of pn junction, silicon, and energy levels of the 4th chapter which is most important. Usually, these type of Mcqs of pn junction comes in job tests not all of them but 2 or 3 from this post. these Mcqs of pn junction are prepared for the job seekers. A semiconductor is formed by … Read more

Hole Current | Intrinsic & Extrinsic Semiconductor

What is Hole Current ? At Normal room temperature, few of the covalent bonds in pure semiconductor material break, setting up free electrons. Under the effect of the electric field, these free electrons constitute an electric current. At the same time, another current – the hole current – also flows in the semiconductor. When a … Read more