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Mcqs of Special Diode which is most important. Usually, Mcqs of special diode comes in technical job tests not all of them but few from this post. these Mcqs of Special diode are prepared for the job seekers

Mcqs of Special Diode

  1. Zener diodes are used primarily as
    (i) amplifiers (ii) voltage regulators
    (iii) rectifiers (iv) oscillators
  1. A pn junction that radiates energy as light instead of as heat is called a
    (i) LED (ii) photo-diode
    (iii) photocell (iv) Zener diode
  2. The capacitance of a varactor diode increases when reverse voltage across it
    (i) decreases (ii) increases
    (iii) breaks down (iv) stores charge
  3. To display the digit 8 in a seven-segment indicator
    (i) C must be lighted
    (ii) G must be off
    (iii) F must be on
    (iv) All segments must be lighted
  4. A photo-diode is normally
    (i) forward-biased
    (ii) reverse-biased
    (iii) Neither forward nor reverse biased
    (iv) Emitting light
  1. When the reverse voltage increases, the junction capacitance
    (i) decreases (ii) stays the same
    (iii) increases (iv) has more bandwidth
  2. The device associated with voltage-controlled capacitance is a
    (i) LED (ii) photo-diode
    (iii) varactor diode (iv) Zener diode
  3. The varactor is usually
    (i) forward-biased
    (ii) reverse-biased
    (iii) unbiased
    (iv) in the breakdown region
  4. When the light increases, the reverse current in a photo-diode
    (i) increases (ii) decreases
    (iii) is unaffected (iv) none of the above
  5. To display the digit 0 in a seven segment display
    (i) A must be lighted
    (ii) F must be off
    (iii) G must be on
    (iv) all segments except G should be lighted

Answers ( Mcqs of Special Diode )

Special Diode Review Topics

  1. What is a LED?
  2. Explain the working of a LED.
  3. Give two applications of LEDs.
  4. Why do LEDs need series current-limiting resistors?
  5. How does LED differ from an ordinary diode?
  6. What is a photo-diode?
  7. How does photo-diode work?
  8. Give two applications of photo-diodes.
  9. What is an optoisolator?
  10. What is a tunnel diode?
  11. Explain the V-I characteristics of a tunnel diode.
  12. Explain the working of tunnel diode oscillator.
  13. What is a varactor diode?
  14. Explain the working of varactor diode.
  15. Give one application of varactor diode.
  16. Explain the working of Shockley diode

Discussion Questions Special Diode

  1. Why is LED not made of silicon or germanium?
  2. Where do we use seven-segment display?
  3. How do we protect LED from large reverse voltage?
  4. How does photo-diode differ from an ordinary diode?
  5. What is dark resistance of photo-diode?
  6. What do you mean by the sensitivity of photo-diode?
  7. What is the use of an optoisolator ?
  8. How does the width of depletion layer change the capacitance of a varactor?

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