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The main objective and priority of the FIA ​​is to protect the interests of the country and to defend Pakistan, criminal law and law enforcement in the country. Its current mission statement is:

Promoting a culture of merit, providing permanent professional training, ensuring effective internal accountability, encouraging the use of technology and gaining prominence in the FIA ​​with a method of meaningful feedback.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) invites applications from suitable candidates who fill vacant posts in its department. The FIA ​​is available below for the registration dates and times for the various positions to prepare the UTS test online for written test authorization by the Islamabad FIA Government, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Pakistan. ۔ If you want to join the FIA, you can apply now because the recruitment has been announced and the full criteria and eligibility to apply are provided below the image. If you want to join the FIA, you must apply by the deadline. FIA Jobs 2008 UTS Written Test Preparation Maxx Interviews Questions and Answers are provided here.

Test is started

There are 4 parts of this test each part contain 25 Mcq’s

Welcome to your FPSC FIA ( Federal Investigation Agency) ONLINE 1 TEST PREPARATION ( PAST PAPER 2008 )

1. Which one of the following non-metals is not a poor conductor of electricity?
2. Which one of the following types of glass can cut ultraviolet rays?
3. Which one of the following is not a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization?
4. Another name of RDX:
5. Groups each containing 3 boys are to be formed out of 5 boys_A, B, C, D and E-such that no one group contains both C and D together. What is the maximum number of such different groups?
6. Six faces of a cube are numbered from 1 to 6; each face carrying one different number. Further,1. Face 2 is opposite to face 6.
2. Face 1 is opposite to face 5.
3. Face 3 is between face 1 and face 5. 4. Face 4 is adjacent to face 2
     Which one of the following is correct?
7. Each of the 3 persons is to be given some identical items such that product of the numbers of items received by each of the three persons is equal to 30. In how many maximum different ways, this distribution can be done?
8. 6 equidistant vertical lines are drawn on a board. 6 equidistant horizontal lines are also drawn on the board cutting the 6 vertical lines, and the distance between any two consecutive horizontal lines is equal to that between any two consecutive vertical What is the marinum number of squares thus formed?
9. A person has to completely put each of three liquids: 403 litres of petral 465 litres of and 496 litres of mobile oil in bottles of equal size without mixing any of the above the types of liquids such that each bottle is completely filled. What is the last possible of bottles required?
10. Amir starts from a point A and walks to another point B and then returns from B to AS his car and thus takes a total time of 6 hours and 45 minutes. If he had driven both ways his car, he would have taken 2 hours less. How long would it take him to walk both ways?
11. A train completes a journey with a few stoppages in between at an average speed of 40 per hour. If the train had not stopped anywhere, it would have completed the journey an average speed of 60 km per hour. On an average, how many minutes per hour does the train stop during the journey?
12. The average distance (approximate) between the Sun and the Earth:
13. Consider the following statements:1. If magenta and yellow coloured circles intersect, the intersected area will have red colour.
2. If cyan and magenta coloured circles intersect, the intersected area will have blue colour.
14. Consider the following statements:1. A flute of smaller length produces waves of lower frequency
2. Sound travels in rocks in the form of longitudinal elastic waves only

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
15. Four wires of same material and of dimensions as under are stretched by a load of same magnitude separately. Which one of them will be elongated maximum ?
16. The average salary of 100 employees in an office is Rs 16,000 per month. The management decided to raise salary of every employee by 5% but stopped a transport allowance of Rs 800 per month, which was paid earlier to every employee. What will be the new average monthly salary?
17. Which one of the following cities does not have the same clock time as that of the other three cities at any given instant?
18. Which one of the following parts of the pitcher plant becomes modified into a pitcher ?
19. Assertion (A):A jet aircraft moving at Mach Number equal to 1 travels faster at an altitude of 15 kr than while
moving at Mach Number equal to 1 near the sea level.

Reason (R):

The velocity of sound depends on the temperature of the surrounding medium.
20. If all the numbers from 501 to 700 are written, what is the total number of times does the digit 6 appear ?
21. A and B can complete work together in 5 days. If A works at twice his speed and B at hall of his speed, this work can be finished in 4 days. How many days would it take for A alone to complete the job?
22. Second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan is:
23. “Big Five” (USA, UK, France, Italy and Japan) are related with:
24. Who was the founder of the Umayyad dynasty?
25. What is the total length of Gwadar Motorway?

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