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What is Parallel and Serial Transmission? Transmission:- There are two ways to move binary bits from one place to another: transmit all bits of a word simultaneously or send only 1 bit at a time. These methods are referred to, respectively, as parallel transfer and serial transfer. Parallel Transfer In parallel data transfers, all the … Read more

The Structure Of Agents | Simple reflex agents | Learning agents

What Is Structure of Agents? So far we have talked about agents by describing behavior-the action that is performed after any given sequence of percepts. Now, we will have to bite the bullet and talk about how the insides work. The job of A1 is to design the agent program that implements the agent function … Read more

RC Coupled | Transformer Coupled | Direct Coupled Amplifier

What Is RC Coupled Amplifier? This is the most popular type of coupling because it is cheap and provides excellent audio fidelity over a wide range of frequency. It is usually employed for voltage amplification. Fig. 11.9 shows two stages of an RC coupled amplifier. A coupling capacitor CC is used to connect the output … Read more

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Mcqs of Transistor which are most important for Electrical and Electronic Engineer. Normally Mcqs of Transistor comes in many technical job tests. these Mcqs of Transistor are prepared for the job seekers which are taken from Books. Mcqs of Transistor A transistor has ……..(i) one pn junction(ii) two pn junctions(iii) three pn junctions(iv) four pn … Read more

Transistor Load Line Analysis | Operating Point

Comparison of Transistor Connections The comparison of various characteristics of the three connections is given below in the tabularform. The following points are worth noting about transistor arrangements : Common Base Circuit The input resistance (ri) of CB circuit is low because IE is high. The output resistance (ro ) is high because of reverse … Read more