Agent In Artificial Intelligence ( AI )

What is Agent ? An agent is anything that can be viewed as perceiving its environment through sensors and acting upon that environment through actuators. This simple idea is illustrated in Figure 2.1. A human agent has eyes, ears, and other organs for sensors and hands, legs, mouth, and other body parts for actuators. A … Read more

The Nature Of Environments | Types

What Is Nature Of Environment? Now that we have a definition of rationality, we are almost ready to think about building rational agents. First, however, we must think about task environments, which are essentially the “problems” to which rational agents are the “solutions.” We begin by showing how to specify a task environment, illustrating the … Read more

The Structure Of Agents | Simple reflex agents | Learning agents

What Is Structure of Agents? So far we have talked about agents by describing behavior-the action that is performed after any given sequence of percepts. Now, we will have to bite the bullet and talk about how the insides work. The job of A1 is to design the agent program that implements the agent function … Read more