Swamped Amplifier | Gain and Transistor Configurations

What is Swamped Amplifier? A swamped amplifier has a resistance tied to the emitter of the NPN transistor. Swamping the amplifier decreases the voltage gain. When an amplifier is swamped the voltage gain to the output is less dependent on the load. This helps to balance the output and protect the circuit when different loads … Read more

Multistage Transistor Amplifier | Frequency response.

Introduction:- Multistage Transistor Amplifier The output from a single stage amplifier is usually insufficient to drive an output device. Inther words, the gain of a single amplifier is inadequate for practical purposes. Consequently, additional amplification over two or three stages is necessary. To achieve this, the output of each amplifier stage is coupled in some … Read more

RC Coupled | Transformer Coupled | Direct Coupled Amplifier

What Is RC Coupled Amplifier? This is the most popular type of coupling because it is cheap and provides excellent audio fidelity over a wide range of frequency. It is usually employed for voltage amplification. Fig. 11.9 shows two stages of an RC coupled amplifier. A coupling capacitor CC is used to connect the output … Read more