Swamped Amplifier | Gain and Transistor Configurations

What is Swamped Amplifier? A swamped amplifier has a resistance tied to the emitter of the NPN transistor. Swamping the amplifier decreases the voltage gain. When an amplifier is swamped the voltage gain to the output is less dependent on the load. This helps to balance the output and protect the circuit when different loads … Read more

What is Multistage Amplifier | Frequency response of Multistage Amplifier

Introduction:- Transistor Multistage Amplifier The output from a single stage amplifier is usually insufficient to drive an output device. Inther words, the gain of a single amplifier is inadequate for practical purposes. Consequently, additional amplification over two or three stages is necessary. To achieve this, the output of each amplifier stage is coupled in some … Read more

RC Coupled Amplifier | Transformer Coupled | Direct Coupled Amplifier

What Is RC Coupled Amplifier? An amplifier with the multiple stages based on the necessary levels of amplification can be defined as an RC coupled amplifier. It can be connected in any transistor configurations based on the efficiency of the system. It is widely used in audio and video communication devices. Single Stage RC Coupled … Read more

Atomic Structure | Voltage Source | Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

Atomic Structure Atomic Structure: According to modern world theory, the matter is electrical in nature. All the materials are composed of very tiny particles called atoms. The atoms are the building bricks of all things in the visible world. An atom composed of a central nucleus of positive charge around which tiny negatively charged particles, … Read more

Half Wave Rectifier | full wave bridge Rectifier | Center tapped full wave

What is a Half Wave Rectifier? A half-wave rectifier can be explained as a type of rectifier that only passes one half-cycle of an AC voltage waveform to pass, blocking the remaining half-cycle. Half-wave rectifiers are normally used to convert AC power to DC power, and only require one diode to construct. A simple Half … Read more

Diode | Semiconductor | Special Diode | LED | Varactor | Schottky | Tunnel

INTRODUCTION TO SEMICONDUCTOR Diode :- Materials such as germanium, silicon, carbon, etc. are not good conductors like copper nor insulators like glass. In other words, the resistivity of these substances lies in between conductors and insulators. Such materials are known as semiconductors. Semiconductors have some useful characteristics and are being extensively used in electronics devices. … Read more

Transistor complete info | Common Base | Common Emitter | Collector

What is Transistor ? When a third doped element is added to a crystal diode in such a way that two pn junctions are formed, the resulting device is known as a transistor. The transistor—an entirely new type of electronic device—is capable of achieving amplification of weak signals in a fashion comparable and often superior … Read more