5 Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Devices 2022

How to get photos out of the cloud
Like most Android users, you probably use some kind of cloud storage service to back up your photos. If so, then you are ready because you are struggling to find an easy way to recover deleted photos on Android.

Method 1: From Google Photos

Google Photos is a popular application for sharing and storing photos developed by Google. The application can safely back up all the photos you keep in the cloud to your Android smartphone and restore them as needed. It can automatically delete backed up photos, which can sometimes frighten unknown users of this feature. But do not worry, it’s easy to retrieve photos from Google Photos.
Method 2: Recover from Microsoft OneDrive.

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, provides automatic photo backup and deletion, freeing up internal memory by uploading photos to the cloud and removing them from the phone. All photos uploaded to OneDrive can be retrieved from any device, including the device from which it was taken.
Method 3: Recover lost photos from Dropbox.

If you are a Dropbox user and you have enabled the Automatic Photo Backup feature before losing or accidentally deleting your photos, you can now easily store them in your phone’s memory without a computer in just a few clicks .
Method 4: Recover photos from Google Drive.

As of July 2019, photos stored on Google Drive will not automatically appear on Google Photos, which means there is another way to recover deleted photos from the Android Gallery. However, the Automatic Photo Backup feature uploads photos to Google Photos, something you need to be aware of, whether you enable it with Google Drive or Google Photos.
Recover deleted photos from SD card on your Android device.

Using the SD card as a secondary storage gives you the ability to store more than just relying on internet memory. However, it warns you about the risk of losing thousands of photos at once, which is why we have SD card recovery software applications on Android phones with methods to recover deleted photos from an SD card. We need to look nice.
Users who want to recover deleted photos from an SD card on Android can recover the easiest and most powerful photo recovery software application, disk drill and deleted photos currently available without cloud or third-party backup.
Recover deleted photos from Android internal storage with data recovery software.

* By default, most Android devices store photos in the internal storage and these photos are automatically displayed in the Android Gallery. Depending on your operating system, choose one of two methods in this chapter to learn how to recover deleted photos from Android Gallery.
This process is simple until your device is rooted and you enable USB debugging. If both are not ringing and you want to get your photos back as soon as possible, you can follow the instructions in the next chapter.

Method 1: For Mac OS X users.

Disk Drill for Mac has long helped Android users recover photos deleted from Android phones, and it may help you to follow the instructions below. No, because it’s easy to spot a disc drill.
Method 2: For computer users running Windows 10, 8, 7

Unfortunately for Windows users, they can not recover photos removed from Android internal storage using a disk drill (at least not yet!), But they have another photo recovery software application, Wondershare’s dr.Fone. Lots of effort.
Follow these steps:

Go to the dr.fone website and download the Windows version.

Install and launch dr.fone but do not connect your device to your computer yet.

Select Data Recovery on the main screen and connect your Android device.

How to recover deleted photos with the Android application

Photo Recovery Applications for Android Most Android users want to recover deleted photos, as well as disk exercises and other photo recovery applications for Windows and Mac, but this makes it much easier to recover photos. When you recover photos on a computer, your Android device needs to be rooted, but some Android photo recovery applications, including our chosen DiskDigger, work without root.
Follow these steps to recover lost photos on Android:

Install DiskDigger from the Google Play Store.

Launch DiskDigger and choose one of two additional scanning methods.

Recover deleted photos from Android phone without root.

For best results when recovering deleted photos from an Android phone, you need root access to the entire file system. However, there are ways to recover deleted photos without root in Android. If you do not like the idea of ​​rooting your device, use these methods and you may lose the warranty.

Alternative 1: Backup and recovery

If you took the time to back up your Android phone, you are now lucky enough to recover deleted photos using the built-in Backup and Restore feature. Keep in mind that you may not be able to recover every lost photo, depending on the age of the backup. This option may also not be available, or it may be called differently depending on the model of your Mac and your Android smartphone. However, the ownership of an ordinary person has not yet been achieved.
Many Android smartphones come with a microSD card slot, which can be used to significantly increase the internal storage space. You probably save photos without them knowing, which is good news, because you can now delete them from your Android smartphone and use photo recovery software applications like Disk Drill. This allows you to recover your lost photos directly from it. We have already explained how to recover deleted photos from an SD card titled Recover deleted photos from an SD card on your Android devices, so if you think this is the right way to recover. If so, do not hesitate to go back afterwards. For you

Recover deleted photos on an Android tablet.

The good news is that Android tablets are basically just great Android smartphones, so you can use these tools to recover deleted photos from them. We highly recommend Disk Drill for Mac for its proven reliability and exceptional ease of use.
The methods in this article cover all the major ways to recover deleted photos on Android devices, but there are some other options you can explore to recover more deleted photos, some more than others. Is it clear
Alternative ways to recover deleted photos on Android devices can sometimes be frustrating, but it is always better to get rid of all the options than to lose a valuable emotional photo.
Many email services offer unlimited storage, enabling users to customize as many email messages and attachments as they want. See if you emailed anyone with deleted photos. If so, they may still be in your inbox and you can easily download them to your computer or Android device.

2. Check social networks.

In terms of privacy, using social networks as photo backup services is not really a good thing, but many people are. Even if you limit your presence on social media, your friends and family share the exact photos you are trying to recover, which is why you need social networking. You should check before you leave and publish the missing photos.
If you have a full backup of your Android device, it’s time to use it. We recommend that you create a new backup before restoring your device from the old one so that you can recover deleted photos and restore your device to its original state, repair dozens of applications, and avoid configuration.

How to avoid losing your photos on Android next time.

There are many ways to recover deleted photos on Android as it does not guarantee successful recovery. With the best photo retrieval software applications and our step-by-step instructions, you are unlikely to be able to get everything you want. So it’s best to avoid losing your photos first and risk nothing. Use the following five tips to reduce your chances of accidentally missing important photos.

1. Back up your phone.

Do not underestimate the importance of backup. With a complete backup of your Android device in hand, you can not only recover deleted and lost photos and videos, but also all other files, applications and settings. If you lose your device, you can easily get a new one and reinstall it from the backup, which tops everything from start to finish.
You click on the thumbnail in the Android gallery, but nothing happens – the image does not open. Why? This problem usually occurs when the Android operating system does not create thumbnails properly and the only way to fix it is to delete the thumbnail file in the DCIM folder. You can delete the file directly with the browser or use the Disk Space Cleaner to do it yourself.

3. Clean your storage space.

Some Android devices work poorly when the storage space is depleted. If your photos seem to be disappearing, make sure you have enough space. If you find that you have only a few megabytes left, you need to clean your device.

4. Upload photos to the cloud.

Nowadays, there are many cloud storage services to choose from and many of them are compatible with Android devices and offer automatic photo backup. The best thing about the Cloud Storage service is that you can upload your photos to the cloud so you can retrieve them from anywhere and from any device.

5. Be more careful

Backup can save you from the worst, but it’s better to avoid the worst. Since most Android smartphones and tablets have no recycling, you need to be very careful when deleting or manipulating your photos and videos. When you experience a rush or stress, be sure to think before you click.
We hope you enjoyed the instructions in this article to recover the drill bit or other method of retrieving photos from your Android device. We recommend bookmarking it so you can return it in the future or send it to someone you know and help them recover deleted photos before it’s too late.


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