Electronics Engineering


The branch of engineering science which deals with current conduction through a vacuum or gas or semiconductor called *electronics. Electronics essentially deals with electronic devices and their utilization( Semiconductor Diode, Atomic Structure, Electron Emission, Special-Purpose Diodes, Transistors, Multistage Transistor Amplifiers, Modulation ). A device is that during which current flows through a vacuum or gas or semiconductor. Such devices have valuable properties that enable them to function and behave because of the friend of man today.


Artificial Intelligence Engineering


We call ourselves Homo sapiens-man the wise-because our mental capacities are so important to us. For thousands of years, we have tried to understand how we think; that is, how a mere handful of stuff can perceive, understand, predict, arid manipulate a world far larger and more complicated than itself. The field of artificial intelligence, or AI, goes further still: it attempts not just to understand but also to build intelligent entities.


Communication Engineering


Communication is the process of exchanging information. People communicate to convey their thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others. The process of communication is inherent to all human life and includes verbal, nonverbal (body language), print, and electronic processes. Two of the main barriers to human communication are language and distance. Language barriers arise between persons of different cultures or nationalities. Communicating over long distances is another problem. Communication between early human beings was limited to face-to-face encounters. Long-distance communication was first accomplished by sending simple signals such as drumbeats, horn blasts, and smoke signals and later by waving signal flags (semaphores). When messages were relayed from one location to another, even greater distances could be covered.


Mcq’s and Queries


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) online quiz test section. Following is the list of quizzes from different subjects and topics, for example, Transistor, Diodes, Circuit Designing, Problems, Ai, Electrical etc. where each question has four options and one correct answer. Find link to MCQs (PDF) files at the end of this page. Online test questions and answers in multiple choice question (MCQ) format.

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