Beautiful Places in Germany


Beautiful places in Germany

Are you a mountain and forest person or a beach and sea lover? Do you fancy a beautiful landscape and countryside or skyscraper and city lights? Are you into the history and culture of magical castles and medieval towns? Well, guess what? No matter what you choose, Beautiful places in Germany has it all!

Yes, you heard me right, Germany or I better say Deutschland (in German) is a charming country. You might know this country for its famous October Fest (Oktoberfest) or World War II history. Located in the heart of Europe this country is quite famous for a lot of other things as well. From breathtaking seas to majestic mountains, to calming forests, to fairytale castles, to bewitching landscapes, to traditional food, to stunning architecture, to historic museums and everything in between. Germany is a huge country having 16 states and 1000 of places to visit and I’ve covered it all just for you. these all places will amaze you regarding how beautiful the germany is with regard of these amazing places.As far as you would have imagined germany contains everything u could never have thought.

 Add to all these some excellent beer, most beautiful Christmas Markets, and an abundance of activities, and you’ll wonder why in the world you haven’t visited Germany earlier.

The following destinations, with their amazing architecture and unquestionable charms, are hands off the most beautiful places to visit in Germany.


Here’s a look at the 12 most beautiful and impressive places covered from all parts of Germany that you must not miss!

·       South – Germany

South Germany is well known for its diverse heritage and culture. If you are looking for something peaceful, romantic, enchanting and glamourous at the same time, then south Germany is all you want. The popular southern state is called Bavaria and it is for sure a tourist paradise spot. Amazing things happen here.


Here’s a list of my top 3 must-visits in South – Germany.


1. Beautiful Places in Germany:


best places to visit

Munich is the third-largest city in Germany and the first largest and capital city of Bavaria. It is not only the most beautiful city in Germany but also the most happening city. Most people know it for the popular October Fest and the delicious local beer. Every year many visitors get attracted to Munich for the October Fest, which starts in the end weeks of September and ends till the first weekend of October. Usually from 20th September to 6th October.

Well, that’s not it, Munich has quite a lot to offer as it is a cosmopolitan city with a touch of history. The city center itself shows a mix of an old and new architecture. It is also home for museums and opera houses, lovely parks, historic churches, and royal castles and palaces. Apart from sightseeing, you can get quite a variety of buzzing shopping centers and nightlife too and even alot etc.

2. Beautiful Places in Germany:


Heidelberg is a small town in southern Germany. You can better call it an Old Town, as it has Germany’s oldest university called Heidelberg University. Also, it has an old bridge, an old Heidelberg castle and the Holy Spirit and the Knight St. George House churches which are also very old. Moreover, The Heidelburg castle is quite magnificent and awe-inspiring. Trust me, it’s a must-visit if you are into old buildings and beautiful and ancient architecture. I am sure Heidelburg will give you a calming, fairy tale and village life feel. And when you are done exploring these places, you can visit the city center and enjoy a beer in a pub or have some mouth-watering German sausages in a restaurant.


3. Beautiful Places in Germany:


flowers with places

Bamberg is also an old town in southern Germany in northern Bavaria. This old town is well known for its ancient architecture and world heritage. This town preserves history from the 11th to 19th centuries. The renowned Romanesque Bamberg Cathedral of Bamburg dates back to the 11th century. Moreover, The Neue Residenz was once occupied by King Otto of Greece. It also has a rose garden which has over 4500 roses, hence, it is also a must-visit in Germany. Next, you can’t miss Bamburg’s beer. It serves a special kind of beer called Rauchbier which translates to smoked beer.

·         North – Germany

North of Germany is connected to the sea, so it is famous for the water. If you are looking for something like coasts, beaches, waterfronts, surfing and shopping and a little mix of history together then just head to the north in Germany.

Here’s a list of my top 3 must-visits in North – Germany

1. Beautiful Places in Germany:


Beautiful places in Germany

Hamburg is the city that is loved by both young and old. It is Germany’s 2nd biggest city situated in the north. Almost every part of this port city is worth watching and is also a great shopping destination. Furthermore, if you are a waterfront kind of a person and a sea lover Hamburg is just right for you. Hamburg is famous for its port, but it also has parks and green spaces, a noteworthy historic center and a greater number of bridges as compared to any other place on this planet. Moreover, those who have a contemporary taste should visit the HafenCity area, which is one of Europe’s most advanced inward city developments.

2. Beautiful Places in Germany:

Rugen Island

largest island of germany

Germany’s largest island, Rugen island is situated in the Baltic sea. This island has a lot to offer from plateau farmlands to forested mountains, to sandy beaches, to coastal lagoons, and too expensive seaside resorts. As you can see from the list there are many outdoor activities available here for all age groups. However, if you are an animal lover then you should visit the Jasmund Peninsula. This place has a Jasmund National Park, where you can find a variety of different and rare wildlife species. Or if you are not into any of these you can simply enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of dense forest and the deep sea. This world is so beautiful just because of these amazing natures.

3. Beautiful Places in Germany:


Northern Germany

This city is located in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It was the first German city to be bombed and got destroyed during World War II. Even though it was damaged it was rebuilt after the war ended. Its medieval buildings and old architecture still remind locals and tourists about the war. The best way to explore this beautiful and historic city is by taking a bike ride or by roaming around the streets of Alstadt.

·         East –Germany


East of beautiful places in Germany is full of hidden treasures. If you are a person who loves art, history, and architecture, then eastern Germany is for you. It is full of spectacular buildings, ancient churches, and many historic museums. And of course the capital city – Berlin is also situated in the east, which is of course on our top list.

Here’s a list of my top 3 must-visits in East – Germany.

1. Beautiful Places in Germany:


Metropolis City of Germany

The metropolis city and the federal state of beautiful places in Germany, Berlin is a very interesting city for all visitors. This city is quite vibrant. It has a mix of art, culture, music, fashion, film, nightlife and history. Berlin has just got so much to offer. Besides, if you are an extrovert and want to make new friends, then Berlin has many diverse people from all around the world.

Likewise, you can experience something new in every corner of it. There is something for everyone. It’s like a box of colors, many different colors.

As a tourist, you should not miss the historic structures in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, and the Reichtag. After that, pay a visit to the Spree River and then to the awe-inspiring East Side Gallery which has famous paintings from artists from all over the world. Apart from that, Berlin is also popular for its coffee culture and epic nightlife.

2. Beautiful Places in Germany:


Beautiful places in Germany

Dresden is in the beautiful state called Saxony, Germany. This city is famous for its art and architecture. The city was also destroyed during World War II and was rebuilt. It is divided into two sections called the old city and the new city. The old city still has some ruins which symbolize as a memorial for those who were killed during the war. In the old Dresden, you can take a glimpse of the cross church, Zwinger Palace and Frauenkirche. Moreover, there is also a bizarre museum called the hygiene museum.

A must visit in Dresden is the Panometer Dresden, here you can see a panoramic 360 picture of very old Dresden back in the 1700s. It is huge and with music and the sound effects, it makes you feel like that you are in the old Dresden.

However, in the new Dresden, you can visit the Hertz market, here you can enjoy some of the local cuisines. Later, you can farewell Dresden by paying a visit to the Blue note which is a music club and a bar.


3. Beautiful Places in Germany:


beauty of Germany

As Dresden is popular for its art, Leipzig is famous for its musical heritage. Leipzig is known for its vibrant arts and cultural scene shaped by famous music composers like Bach, Richard Wagner, and Felix Mendelssohn. The churches there are always organizing some concerts and you can even see people playing musical instruments in the streets here and there too. Furthermore, one of Germany’s most important monuments – The battle of the Nations is also situated in Leipzig.

·         West – Germany

Western Germany is formally called the Federal Republic of Germany. The West is famous for its diversity, from romantic rivers and fairytale castles to industrial hub and enormous skyscrapers. If you are someone who wants to experience both then head to West Germany.  You won’t regret beautiful places of germany.

Here’s a list of my top 3 must-visits in West – Germany.

1. Beautiful Places in Germany:

The romantic Rhine

Romantic rhine

This romantic place is straight out of a romantic movie. The romantic Rhine is located among Koblenz and Rüdesheim, Germany. If you are traveling with your lover or it’s your honeymoon, then you can’t just ignore a romantic cruise voyage on the Rhine River. As you look at the medieval mansions based on forested slopes with lavish vineyards beneath, you may picture yourself as the main character of a classic romance novel. Through this cruise journey, you can witness some of Germany’s major landmarks including the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Marksburg Castle on the crevasse, and the ancient Maus Castle. Beautiful places in Germany are so amazing and every tourist enjoys it alot.

2. Beautiful Places in Germany:



If you are a tourist and looking for to visit beautiful places in Germany, Cologne must already be on ycologneour wishlist. Cologne has a lot to offer regardless of whether you’re searching for culture and heritage, adventure and amusement, or indulging thermal baths. Cologne is situated in the North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany. It is Germany’s fourth-biggest city. Situated close to the outskirt with the Netherlands and Belgium, the city is known for its magical Gothic Cologne cathedral.  Apart from that, the Hohenzollern Bridge,  is popular for its love locks and the Altstadt (Old Town), with its stunning, structures and landmarks; just like the trendy territories of Agnesviertel and the Belgian Quarter. And if you happen to visit cologne in November you must not, I repeat, you must not miss the Cologne Carnival. It is broadly viewed as one of the best festivals in Europe, and perhaps the world.

3. Beautiful Places in Germany:



In the past, Frankfurt was a significant city in the Holy Roman Empire. Today Frankfurt am Main short for Frankfurt is Germany’s 5th largest city and quite famous for its financial centers. In other words, it is the home of the German Stock Exchange and many bank’s headquarters.

One of the prominent tourist favorite place in Frankfurt in the City hall, that is made out of nine beautiful houses with crested rooftops. Next, you can visit the Gothic Frankfurt Cathedral, with its pinnacle stretching out into the sky. Furthermore, Frankfurt also has the Archeological Garden, it is a museum that showcases the Roman settlements and other old buildings from World War II.


So, which place you liked best in Germany?



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